Arab culture on dating

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Arab culture on dating

Many women in Arabic countries maintain a traditional role and stay at home.

A woman's job is to raise the children, help educate them and manage the house.

Arabs are located in 22 principle countries situated in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Western society conceives them as oppressed and unequal to men, but it is important to keep in mind that: In her book, Women, Power and the Academy: From Rhetoric to Reality, Mary-Louise Kearney, states that there is a misconception about the status and roles of Arab females, pointing out that throughout Islamic history many women have reached high positions in government. Often one son will live at home after marriage, to care for his parents' needs.

Children imitate the example given by their parents. Respect for old people is another value that can be traced to the Koran.

In Arabic, Sharia means "the way" and it is the basis for all Arabic values.

According to the Islamic Supreme Council, Sharia is divided into five major sections: Each Arab country interprets Islamic law differently; some follow it more strictly than others.

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In most Arab countries, men play the patriarchal role.