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For us, partakes of Gnosis, the work of evangelization is called The Third factor of the Revolution of the Consciousness.

And in this work we include not only to provide a doctrinaire message to the people, but also to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, teach the ignorant, etc., etc., etc.

When the metaphysical conceptions of the gnostics, who saw the Logos and the Anointed in Jesus, began to gain ground, the first Christians separated from the doctrines of the Nazarenes, who accused Jesus of perverting the doctrines of John and of changing the Baptism in the Jordan for another. 109.) You and your Church claim not to be self-referential, but it was you yourselves who interposed to the Church that you founded between the Creator and the suffering humanity.

And you and your brotherhood of crime have always claimed that the Kingdom of Heavens can only be reached through your Holy Apostolic Roman Church.

We the gnostics call this step the PSYCHOLOGICAL DEATH and, thanks to systems and practices that we know of since immemorial times, do we succeed to cast out the iniquitous from our soul, which the apostle Paul spoke of with a profound knowledge of cause.

Your Church mistakenly think that the malicious intrinsic that man carries within can be eliminated by a few simple chest poundings, or by what you have created and named CONFESSION.

But this is not achieved from night to morning, most worthy Mr. This is a fruit of an intense work of psychoanalysis combined with meditations, prayers, serious reflections, fasts, sacrifice, works for others and, above all, Mr.

You know that there existed another Mary who did fit the archetype of a sinner, but that is another story honorable Mr. This trick was used by your predecessor to display the woman as something sinful and, in this way, justify celibacy before his parishioners and history.

Thus an image of the crucified was perpetuated, depicting him as a mere pietistic, unmarried and almost up to denatured or neutered. Bergoglio, your Church turned away from all these things from the very moment in which it made a pact with the Emperor Constantine to become a religion of the Roman Empire and, since then all those not communed with the postulates of your nascent Church (created by you and not by the divine redeemer of Galilee) were anathematized with the qualification of heretics.

Sure they can create diversions and seemingly chaotic stuff; but in the end they are not the masters of our choices, WE ARE.

Special thanks to OM-Cosmic (comic) Order Gang, my daughter (actually a wife in previous life; oh boy) and fellow earthlings for this great life as a soul in a rented human suit experiencing here and now to bug out the egos that make all of our messes regardless of ET-Aliens-Astronuts-Anunnaki-illuminati-Reptilian-Mafia and other groups/people who know who they are and what a mess they are making. Allow us to turn to your person to clarify a few points made by you regarding Gnosis.

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