Causes teenage dating abuse

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Causes teenage dating abuse

Some people turn to drug use to cope with problems in their real lives.

Being around drugs and being exposed to addicts can also lead to drug addiction.

Researchers have determined that some people do have a genetic predisposition to becoming addicted to drugs.

For example, the dopamine D2 receptor A1 gene has been found to be more common in alcoholics and cocaine abusers than it is in the general public.

While this may lead to recreational use of drugs (using only in certain situations), it rarely leads to actual addiction unless other factors are present.

A person's environment plays a large role in the development of drug addiction.

Thomasz Tchorzewski, 27, was charged with two counts of racially or religiously aggravated assault occasioning actual bodily harm, affray and wounding with intent.Drug use and abuse may also be a result of traumatic experiences.Sexual assault, a history of abuse, natural disasters, or post-traumatic stress disorder can all serve as triggers for drug or alcohol addiction.Researchers believe this gene is linked to compulsive or feeling-seeking behavior.However, some people in the general public have this gene without developing an addiction; addiction likely involves more than just a gene and requires other factors to play a role.

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In fact, using crystal meth is becoming a way for many teenage girls to fight the pressure that comes with feeling the need to be thin and attractive.

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