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Dating 2 men at the same time

My wife and I had an interesting conversation on this topic.

Don’t assume that this will grow into something unless he tells you that he wants something more. You can’t be kissing this person and then say you’re not ready to be exclusive with them.

There’s no definitive guide on what to do and what not to do for us believers because the word “dating” isn’t even in the bible. What we call dating nowadays crosses too many lines.

I had people argue me down about how they felt it was OK to date multiple people.

Meaning one moment one of them have come over to enjoy a movie, and the next moment you find yourself repenting in the morning.

Try telling the person that you just “Netflix and Chilled” with that you would see them today, but you have a movie date with someone else. Set “dating” guidelines, and define what dating looks like for you. Take ALL the romantic, touchy-feely stuff out of the equation so lines don’t get crossed or blurred.

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Women on the other hand, get emotionally involved quickly even if you guys have never kissed. You might not fully agree with this viewpoint but you have to take it into consideration at least. Would you be more careful about how you treated your sister than some random girl?