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Dating fender tweed amps

Original hardshell case, with original fender-branded polishing cloth, patch cord, slide and picks. No changed circuitry but for a newer rectifier tube, this Champ does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. Serial # 36652, Jensen P12R coded 220913 (early 1959), Capacitors and tubes also dated early 1959.

They feature Fender's luscious spring reverb and vibrato, and are easy to transport to practice.A lively little amp with the perfect balance of power, compression, and size, this Princeton is a stellar small-room amp.Replaced baffle, original grill cloth, replaced output transformer for more clean headroom, correct spec power transformer dates to 1966, 10” Weber 10F150 speaker, serviced, and new ac cord. The amp sounds like a million bucks, and will make you throw away every effect pedal that you've ever owned.No corrosion on the control plate, tweed covering is gash-free with good corners, grillcloth is clean. Its tone is a little rough-edged, and matches up well with brighter De Armond equipped guitars or most any Gretsch.It’s in excellent condition, well serviced (filter caps, some solder joints, a few resistors, and AC cord), the speaker has been professionally reconed as well and handles the low frequencies well. This 5F1 Champ and matching steel sold in the time between taking these photos and writing these words, sorry folks. Original polish cloth, wire, slide, case, and so on.

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This example is in exquisite condition, and has just been well serviced. Among the most rare and sought after Gibson amps, the tweed GA-77 is incredibly dynamic and present.

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