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Dating haitian guys

In fact, I learned how to speak, write and read French between 2001-2003 to then master the art of conversing in it around the year of 2005.

Ok, I am a linguistic “Polyglot”: someone who knows numerous languages.

Hence I can literally understand a Brazilian without ever learning Portuguese formally.

Also in 2011, I started out learning Chinese (Mandarin), which was very easy, but back slid because of my blogging. I’ve yet to come across a language which has given my trouble learning in any way shape or form, simply because there are none.

Not satisfied with merely conquering 1 language, in 2003, I embarked on a journey to learn Spanish…which I did and have been fluent since 2007 in proper Spanish (Castellano) included slang of Puerto Rico and The Dominican Republic.

While learning and conquering Spanish, I simultaneously mastered French also with one-on-one tutoring [free of charge might I add] from a Haitian and a Senegalese, African buddy.

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Language, or learning new languages is a favorite pastime of mines ever since learning how to read, write and speak Arabic in 1999 at the ripe age of 17 [self-taught might I add].

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