Dating new rochester york

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Dating new rochester york

Once you join our e-mail list by entering your information in the upper-right corner of this web page, you’re considered one of us!By joining, you will have access to a variety of business networking opportunities, community involvement projects, professional development seminars and more!

Connecting our members with opportunities to further their careers is an important part of Rochester Young Professionals.

Community Development is the practice of conducting local public awareness activities through targeted community interaction.

We collaborate with not-for-profit organizations on a wide variety of events with the goal of increasing awareness and generating interest in their respective missions.

Through our annual Entrepreneur’s Expo, we hope to nurture the entrepreneurial ecosystem that will be vital to Rochester’s future economy.

RYP is committed to giving back to our community by educating young professionals on the many different offerings of the local organizations that add to the depth and character of our city.

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Please sign up to become a member in the upper-right corner of this website to stay up to date with what RYP is doing, as well as other events of interest to the young professionals community, board seats on other non-profit organizations, and career opportunities here in the Rochester area.

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