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The couple originally met at a party thrown by Barbershop director Tim Story. I remember a wedding planner at a BNOBack meeting mentioned there was a "big" wedding to take place in the city, but was postponed b/c of the storm.I wonder if this was the wedding she was referring to. ID=5593) The feud between Bow Wow and Lil' Romeo has intensified, as Bow Wow has responded to comments Master P made surrounding the two rappers' growing beef.At my alma mater, the president's house WAS owned (and an extention) of the univeristy, which would have included landscaping (the same guys that did our campus, did her home), home decor, and any improvements/renovations. Originally posted by Honeykiss1974 Monday, April 24, 2006; Posted: a.m.EDT ( GMT) HOUSTON (AP) -- As president of Texas Southern University, Dr. But her accomplishments have taken a back seat to scandal.Romeo's mad now because he can't keep No Limit afloat anymore.And Bow does have a point..songs ARE being played on the radio! Bobbi Kristina More Pics/Source ( :eek: Originally posted by 2Tuff2Quit I found some more pics of Ms.

Thomas, who has starred in Barbershop and on CBS's The District, and Laurent (Fantastic Four) decided to wait to get married until they could have their dream wedding in their favorite city. They said she's an actress too..she done anything big?

"If Romeo wanna make some real money, come sign with me," Bow Wow said.

"Then, he wouldn't have to pull these stunts 'cause there ain't No Limit over here."If you check crunktastical.or, you will see Shad Gregory Moss rocking a rhinestone-encrusted paw print T-shirt.

Priscilla Slade was building a legacy -- nearly doubling enrollment, constructing new academic buildings and overhauling the financial aid system. Slade was fired last week and faces a criminal investigation into her use of state money.

Slade became a popular and high-profile president during more than six years at the helm of the historically black university, the alma mater of the late U. She's accused of improperly spending ,000 to furnish her home, 8,000 on landscaping and exterior improvements, and ,000 on security related equipment and labor. When his tenure is up he moves out and the next Prez moves in.

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