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But the problem is that I am unable to find any good tutorial for doing this and I have no idea how to do it. ( ) Its really easy to write a chat application.

Server reveice the all message from clients and broadcast the message, to all.

Actually it will still a stream of bytes that will be sent over the internet but Java will do the job of serializing and deserializing the Java objects for you.

To do that you have to create an Object Input Stream and an Object Output Stream from the Socket Input Stream and the Socket Output Stream.

I see that you use the keyword "synchronized" in a couple of the classes. Could you tell me what exactly that member does or means? This post has been edited by Fuzzyness: 22 December 2011 - PM A synchronized method can only be executed by one thread at a time Imagine 3 Client enter a message exactly at the same time, and a few Client have disconnected The 3 Client threads will try to broadcast() at the same time and you do not want the 3 Client Thread to execute the broadcast() method at the same time and access the output Stream.write Object() at the same time.

If ever one of the Client Thread remove a Client from the Array List, because the Client has disconnected, the second Client Thread may end of trying to access a Client that has been removed by the other thread (especially if its "i" in the loop is == al.size() - 1.

The most important point is to give you code examples to which we will be able to refer you when you will have a problem in your code.Yeah, I have been playing with this software and I haven't seen that.The one thing I do have to do is run the non-GUI server class as a jar.This project aim to develop a plug-in module for ready use in Java Web application with little effort, it has many ways to persist account details (XML vs DB) It can be used as a standalone application for support services in the web sites.Java Web Chat (Standalone and Plugin) Web Site The Source Forge Speed Test measures Latency/Ping, Jitter, Download Speed, Upload Speed, Buffer Bloat, and Packet Loss.

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The objects sent of the sockets have to implements Serializable.