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All of these women would hit the panic button and crash diet the minute the scale tipped over 105 lbs, while for me, the notion of weighing 105 lbs was unfathomable–even at 5’1″.For as long as I can remember, I have been weighed in the eyes of all these small Asian women who have actually the right to be called “petite.” And, I have been ashamed of my failure to be one of them my entire fucking life.Whether or not it is a stereotype, the vast majority of Korean women I know are quite a bit smaller than I am.This, of course, started with my mother–the tiniest of all of them–but extended to my aunts, my cousins, my girlfriends, even the women I’d see at the Korean grocery store.Her pale face is tilted towards me, while I am doing my best imitation of a beach-ball squatting on her bed.I grew up taking after a dumpling much more than a bird.

To support their activities, VANK has produced over 70 kinds of promotional materials ab out Korean history, culture, and tourism.

She watched, year after year, as I stifled the voice that had been my birthright in favor of eating my pain. I was a not-overweight college freshman (5’1″ and around 125 lbs) when I met my ex-husband in 1997.

Fast forward 12 years to 2009—by which time I had swaddled both my mind and body in the tantalizing perfume of inertia—and weighed an astonishing 187 lbs.

Our mission is to help youth improve Korea’s national prestige, play a role in making the world a better place, and realize their own dreams through these efforts.

What little girl doesn’t grow up wanting to be exactly like her mother? I wanted to talk like my mom, I wanted to dress like my mom, I wanted to cook like my mom, I even wanted to chew gum like my mom.

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