Markup language validating system

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File format is covered as a subcategory within the content class.A: The RIXML standard tags content regardless of the medium or format.CML provides three dimensionalities: zero (scalar), one (homogeneous array) and two (rectangular matrix).This covers a very wide range of concepts found in chemical documents and databases.The purpose of industry feedback is to determine how we can enhance the RIXML protocol to further improve the process of categorizing, aggregating, comparing, and distributing global financial research.Additionally, the Steering Committee meets quarterly to discuss issues affecting the research space and potential impact to the specification.As an example, we have worked with Microsoft Research to develop a CML plug-in for Word and are working with a number of organisations such as chemical companies and national laboratories to develop systems based on this. Because CML is so flexible, it's similar to asking 'where can I see examples of mathematical equations?' Our publications normally include significant snippets of CML with descriptions of their purpose.

We also ensure that all concepts in CML are supported by examples co-published with the schema. CML is a very powerful language for representing complex concepts in a completely precise and validatable manner.

Similarly, a Webcast can be tagged as an Event, regardless of whether the publisher provides a link to a streaming feed, a textual transcript of the discussion, or the actual video file itself.

A: Publishers can tag their research according to target audience using RIXML, and buy-side firms that set up their systems to read these tags will automatically distribute the material to the intended recipient or recipients within the firm.

Because it's in XML, it is straightforward to integrate CML with other XML languages such as Math ML, SVG (graphics), Word ML/OOXML, and Doc Book/NLM-XML (from the NIH). CML provides an abstraction of numerical science and so rather than having special markup for a melting point, it describes it as a scalar property defined by a dictionary entry. Anyone can create a dictionary but they have to use a unique namespace (probably based on their domain name).

This means that users can add more properties to CML simply by creating and using their own dictionaries. This means that there is no ambiguity since every item is precisely defined.

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We have categorized content by its use or context, rather than its legacy name.