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They were band mates for nearly ten years, after Girls Aloud was formed in Pop Stars: The Rivals.

But it seems that there is no love lost between Cheryl, 34, and Sarah Harding, 35, as the former dished out the ultimate A-list snub - by unfollowing Sarah on Twitter.

According to The Sun on Sunday, the brunette beauty - who has become a mother for the first time with Liam Payne - unfollowed the blonde bombshell as recently as last week.

But a source told Mail Online: 'Cheryl hasn't unfollowed Sarah recently, it was over a year ago.

Acids may come from the food we eat or from under-functioning liver and kidneys. MUSCLE FATIGUE This is usually caused by poor lighting at work and over exposure to computer screens.

The acidity levels of blood can affect the way our eyes work, particularly if the p H becomes too acidic.

Danny and Joanne had tied the knot in September last year, following her proposal to him in March 2015.

They share three children together; daughters Danni and Sunni and son Arty.

The tendency of one eye to close more than the other is another common complaint, especially among student bookworms. To ease the strain, try holding a pencil about a foot away from your face and focusing on it.

Then bring it slowly towards you until it goes out of focus, do this three or four times a day.

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It was reported last week that Danny has been living in a hotel in Hertfordshire while he films East Enders, despite only living 19 miles away.