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Romania marriage and dating customs

Looking in another direction while someone is talking to you could be construed as you ignoring them.

It is acceptable to be drunk or to smoke in public, up to a certain point.

Romania is located in South-eastern Europe, though you’ll rarely hear a local agree with that notion – they wholeheartedly believe they live in Central Europe.

The country is bordered by Bulgaria to the south and Serbia to the southwest, Ukraine and Moldova to the northeast, and Hungary to the northwest.

In recent years, Romania has managed to create a new cultural identity for its people.

A vast community of amateur singers, actors, painters and all-around artisans are making a name for themselves and for the country they live in, putting their own spin on Westernised art.

Gifts of alcohol and flowers are usually the most common, and you can never go wrong with those.

However, make sure to check that the flowers are odd-numbered – even numbers are reserved for the dead. Nine times out of ten, the gift will be opened as soon as it is received.

Romanians are fiercely protective of their home, and being uncourteous when in someone’s house is seen as a grave offence.Young people tend to consider the act of kissing a woman’s hand as outdated and overly refined, though most certainly appreciate the act and consider it gentlemanly.Socialising Most Romanians tend to be honest and open about themselves, freely sharing private information, even with acquaintances.Romania is the land of myth and legend, made beautiful by its rolling hills, verdant plains and foreboding mountain peaks, and refined by its rich culture and history.Besides being the only Latin country of the fractured Balkans, Romania has also managed to survive the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, and, following the fall of the ruling communist regime, has succeeded in reinventing what it means to be Romanian.

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