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Shin chan sex

is a role-playing video game developed by Atlus, and chronologically the fourth installment in the Persona series, a subseries of the Megami Tensei franchise.Persona 3 was originally published in 2006 on the Play Station 2 by Atlus in Japan; the North American release of the game was delayed due to issues with the publication of the official art book.The game follows the protagonist character, balancing their daily life of going to school and building relationships with other people with fighting evil beings known as Shadows during the mysterious Dark Hour.

The plot is that you're a chosen hero to renew some seals and prevent Evil, the usual deal, and you're given an apprentice magician named Aika to assist you.

Bringing boss monsters back in the arena after you've beaten them in the wider world was also a nice touch.

If I had to pick out a flaw it is that sometimes it gets a bit tedious talking to every character in the city after each level to try to figure out which one will continue the plot, but it's not a big deal.

If you don't save her, her lewdness goes up and her favour decreases. 7/10 Not really original gameplay, but well done, also interesting comrade system. Tons of girl on H-monster content and a responsive action game are combined with an excellent English version.

The gameplay isn't bad, and the H-content is great. Only questionable moment is amount of hidden stuff on the map, if you not into searching everything it's possible to miss something. I particularly enjoyed that the character could prostitute herself in a wide variety of ways to earn money to buy better equipment.

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There are variations on several scenes depending on combinations of Aika's trust and lust, giving it some replay value.

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