Singer nelly dating

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Singer nelly dating

"Nelly had performed at the White River Amphitheatre just hours before.

"After Patrol Officers investigated the incident, at 4.37am Nelly was taken into custody." The rapper, who has not been charged with an offence, was later released while police investigate the allegation of second degree rape.

[…] If you can’t take the heat, you better get out of New Jersey.The Dilemma singer, real name Cornell Haynes, was arrested following a gig near Seattle.Nelly later took to Twitter to deny the "false and defaming allegation", insisting: "I am completely innocent"." READ: Lisa Riley wishes she had listened to her mum’s relationship advice Nelly opened up about her dating life The singer has one daughter – 14-year-old Nevis Chetan – and opened up about raising a teenage girl."I need to stay mentally and emotionally and psychical well for my daughter," she said.

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Still, it appears he isn’t quite ready to get down on one knee. “For me, it’s almost like society would prefer you to have been married and got divorced and tried it then to be married and stay married.