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The recording was done in the Squamish area of British Columbia, a region noted for unusual sightings of orbs, UFOs and bigfoot. The triangular formation in the video is typical of such formations.

It is not a triangular object, but a group of bright objects that form into a triangle, then wink out one by one.

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It was visible for a short time, during which Rice managed to take two clear shots with his camera.But if the witnesses are real, then in all probability they saw and photographed what they say they did.The Shropshire Star reports that the couple, in their 60s, were on their way to the airport at about AM in a taxi when they heard a low humming sound and saw the object.While the husband and the taxi driver marveled at what they where seeing, the wife took this shot of it.Lest this clever hoax go viral as the real thing, take a look at this sequence of videos, then at the revelation at the bottom that they were all posted by graphics experts.

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Approximately 10 minutes prior to the sighting, a large meteor was sighted over the region, but the anomaly does not appear to have been related to it. Morales states, "ABC15 is reporting that the photos were part of the meteor. The meteor struck about 10 minutes before I pulled over on HWY 95 and got footage of these lights.

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