Speed dating springfield ma

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Speed dating springfield ma

The Pilgrims were soon followed by other Puritans, who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony at present-day Boston in 1630.

Both religious dissent and expansionism resulted in several new colonies being founded shortly after Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay elsewhere in New England.

Over 80% of Massachusetts's population lives in the Greater Boston metropolitan area, a region influential upon American history, academia, and industry.

Plymouth was the site of the first colony in New England, founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims, passengers of the Mayflower.

Nearly 800 vessels were commissioned as privateers and are credited with capturing or destroying about 600 British ships.

During the 19th century, Massachusetts became a national leader in the American Industrial Revolution, with factories around cities such as Lowell and Boston producing textiles and shoes, and factories around Springfield producing tools, paper, and textiles.(The Constitution of Vermont, adopted in 1777, represented the first partial ban on slavery.Vermont became a state in 1791 but did not fully ban slavery until 1858 with the Vermont Personal Liberty Law.The Pennsylvania Gradual Abolition Act of 1780 made Pennsylvania the first state to abolish slavery by statute.) Later, Adams was active in early American foreign affairs and succeeded Washington as the second United States President.His son John Quincy Adams, also from Massachusetts, would go on to become the sixth United States President.

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Future President George Washington took over what would become the Continental Army after the battle.

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