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The Little Sri Lanka in the Tompkinsville neighborhood of the borough of Staten Island in New York City is one of the largest Sri Lankan communities outside of the country of Sri Lanka itself.

Nearly all of them are Sri Lankan Tamils but there are also a small amount of Sinhalese as well.

Ceylonese Tamils made up an overwhelming majority in the civil service of British Malaya and Singapore prior to independence.

For example in Singapore, today, the Speaker of Parliament is a Ceylonese. They are there not because they are members of a minority community but on the basis of merit.This gave birth to the Sri Kandaswamy Kovil, Brickfields, which has become a landmark and tourist attraction in the city, showcasing Sri Lankan Tamil and Hindu architecture at its finest. Yet in terms of achievements and contributions to the growth and development of the modern Singapore and Malaysia they have done more than warranted by their numbers.Many of the first Asian and non-white doctors and engineers in Malaya and Singapore were of Sri Lankan Tamil descent. In the early days of Malaysia's and Singapore's history the civil service and the professions were manned by a good number of Ceylonese.Sri Lankan Canadians include members from all ethnicities of Sri Lanka, they are mainly concentrated in the cities of Toronto and Montreal, in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.As of 2006 there are 103,625 Sri Lankans in Canada.

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Sri Lankan American communities are mainly situated in large metropolitan areas.