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Two satellites can be mounted using a SYLDA carrier (SYstème de Lancement Double Ariane).Three main satellites are possible depending on size using SPELTRA (Structure Porteuse Externe Lancement TRiple Ariane).Ariane 5 has been refined since the first launch in successive versions, "G", "G ", "GS", "ECA", and most recently, "ES".ESA originally designed Ariane 5 to launch the Hermes spaceplane, and thus intended it to be human rated from the beginning.The rockets are launched by Arianespace from the Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana.Ariane 5 succeeded Ariane 4, but was not derived from it directly.This was purely to test the engine, and occurred after the payloads had been deployed.

The payload and all upper stages are covered at launch by a fairing, which is jettisoned once sufficient altitude has been reached (typically above 100 km).It consists of a large tank 30.5 metres high with two compartments, one for liquid oxygen and one for liquid hydrogen, and a Vulcain 2 engine at the base with a vacuum thrust of 1,390 kilonewtons (310,000 pounds-force).The H173 EPC weighs about 189 tonnes, including 175 tonnes of propellant.One of the two boosters was successfully recovered and returned to the Guiana Space Center for analysis.Prior to that mission, the last such recovery and testing was done in 2003.

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At the time of the failure of the first Ariane 5 ECA flight in 2002, all Ariane 5 launchers in production were ECA versions.