Vital partners dating problem

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Unfortunately, worry about memory loss can worsen the depression, producing a vicious circle. Almost any worry or stressful life event can affect our ability to store and recall memories. Young people forget things and do not bother about it, but older people take more notice of their memory lapses, and worry about them.

When the problem is resolved, or time has healed the pain, memory becomes as efficient as it was before. Do not make the mistake of thinking that everyday memory lapses are Alzheimer's disease – forgetting where you put your keys is not Alzheimer's!

And the worst thing that have occurred to me for atleast 3 times now is that I was talking to my friend and then all of a sudden its like i'll snap out of it and realize that im in a different place and I don't know how I got there or what was the topic we were talking about. I don't smoke anything and I have never done any sort of drugs not even marijuana.

All i remember was that we were talking but i don't know why, when and how. Can any of you please recommend me some type of food like fruits or anything that helped you improve your memory?

About 1% of people in their 60s, 20% of those over 85 years and 30% of those over 90 are affected.

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I've been losing alot of hair , and I've been having regular headaches.

Thus scares me because this have been happening a while for me.I've tried all the diets on the internet, the word games for months now, but nothing. not only does this affect my social life but also my grades. Posted by Optional on 20/06/2017 at I can just hear a song or something or read something and that quick its gone now I can remb things from my childhood up coming events and work stuff its things I'm trying hard to remb I can't lol I think I need vitamin d Posted by Abbigail on 12/06/2017 at So lately my memory has been foggy and even sometimes I don't remember smallish things at all.It has been considering me, what do I do and also what is causing it?????!I can have a question in mind to ask on Google but as soon as I pull Google up I forget.I can be walking into the kitchen, room or wherever to get something and have to pause because I forgot what I was about to get.

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